Tuesday, 17 May 2011

My cat in a duck suit

This is my cat Conan.....

As you can see, he is somewhat of a fashionista and likes to experiment with his looks. He doesn't live with me anymore but I am kind of glad about that cause he used to bite me a lot... and look at that shit-eating grin.

Anyhow I thought it would be a cute idea to make him a duck suit incase he ever got sick of being a cat. I didn't make the above jumper by the way, but I did make this.....

Quaaaack. Look how stoked he looks to be wearing something so fancy!

I can't remember how I made it because it was years ago, but I thought I would share anway, if only to embarrass and shame him on the interwebz. Look how silly he looks!

He is so 'above' this....his reputation as a cool cat is in jepardy of being tarnished.

It just needed some elastic under the chin to keep it on and it would have been perfect. But I liked how it turned out. It's pretty easy, just remember to leave feet holes in the legs so their paws can hang out!

xoxo Tricky

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  1. Can you make bear one? he would totally look hot in it!