Monday, 16 May 2011

Creepy sloth baby FTW

After getting an email forward of sloths from Maria at my work, we realised how damn creepy they are. With their Monk-style bowl cuts, permanent little smile and their abnormally long arms, it's like god slapped them together with leftover parts and to add salt to the wounds, completed the look with an untrendy do.
But there is something about them that is just so damn cute. See?

At the realisation I'd never own a sloth pet of my own because apparently they `hate' being caged, and need to be 'free' in the wild, and 'Council would never approve of me keeping one in my apartment' I decided to make my own baby sloth pet. Take that mother nature!

Here's what he turned out like....

To make your own sloth that looks like it could possibly come alive at night and murder your whole family while maintaining a creepy smile during, then here's how!

You will need:
Half a metre of grey fur
10 cm of long brown fur - for sculpting his wicked do
Two eyes
A plastic dog nose
White paint
Black felt for his claws
Black permanent marker
Hobby fill
Sewing machine
Needle and thread
Craft glue
An exorcist on hand incase of aforementioned possessing.

Everything can be found at spotlight and will cost you under $20 AU. (That's like $100 American at the moment, Schwing!)

As you know, I don't use patterns, I just make it up as I go but here is the general guide of each part you will need:

I started with sewing his head because it was the most fun part. Look how cute.
So you sew the two face pieces to the nose and use the round peice for the top of his head. Sloths heads are really round, like, abnormally round.
Anyhow, once you've sewn together all the pieces, put in the eyes and nose in the squish-face formation and stuff it.
Then you get the brown fur and cut off some chunks for his brows and his monk hair. Glue those on.
Get your permanent marker and darken the fur around his mouth and trim some of the fur away to form a little sly-dog smile.
Get your white paint and use the brush to streak it across the bridge of his nose and above his brows to give him a bit of pizzaz.
Head = done and looking awesome.

Now sew together the torso, and limbs, making sure you cut out some claws to be sewn in when doing the feet and hands, sew them to the torso and use the white paint again to give him some streaky tones and highlights to brighten up his drab colour. Because he's worth it.

Soon you will have your very own sloth to love and watch Neighbours with.

Being pensive, contemplating life

Getting stabby

Nursing a hangover

 Giving Tricky kisses

 Take him on the bus, take him as your date to the school dance, take him anywhere you like... Just don't feed him after midnight, just in case.

xoxo Tricky


  1. Love him! Can I post about him on my blog? I'm finding plush sloths that I like best. Similar posts can be found here:

    1. Hey, glad you like him. Feel free to post about him on your own blog :)

  2. Aww he is cute. And kinda creepy. Lol