Sunday, 15 May 2011

P is for Party...

Ah costumes parties. The place of endless possibilites where girls can dress as slutty cats, slutty nurses, slutty policewoman, and slutty nuns. The only acceptable place to show as much T and A as you want in the name of costume party spirit. So my delight at being invited to a P-themed party conjured images of prostitues, pilots, pimps, policewomen, porn actress, and prescription drug-addicted whores.
So which of these viable dress-up options did I choose?
A pizza.
Well to be more specific, I made an entire `picnic' of costumes for my friends so we could arrive in tasty style, sporting a pizza (Supreme flavour), pasta, popcorn, pink-iced donut and a poached egg - which I realise is a bit of a stretch on the P theme seen as it looked like more of a sunny-side up but hey, this isn't masterchef.
So armed with metres of different coloured felts and a shitload of quilt lining, I set out to create five different costumes to fit the food theme, which if I do say so, turned out pretty rad. As you can see....
(L-R) Me as the pizza, Sophie as the pink-iced donut, Mark as the pasta, Kara as the popcorn and Kyle as the poached egg.
They weren't too hard to make, just a bit time consuming, but if you're like me and love to get in the 'sew zone' (patent pending) then you will enjoy making these.

Introducing Marky-Mark Lawson...

This is my bro-in-law Mark, but I refer to him as BIL. He makes quite a tasty looking dish, am I right ladies? *crickets*
This was the easiest one to make. I got a red hoody from Big W for about $10 bucks and the noodles are just wool ($2 a ball form Spotlight) with brown pom pom for the meatballs (about $2 a packet from Spotlight too). I just looped all the wool over and over and stitched it to the hoody. Finish off the look with a colander - slated to be the new trend in headwear of the season. I went with chrome as it really brought out Mark's eyes.
Yum yum.
Cost: Under $20.

Hiiiii Kyle...
Next is the eggcellent Kyle. This one is also pretty easy to figure out. Cut some big white circles stuff lightly with hobby fill or use quilt fill, leave holes for the head and arms and seal the two pieces around the body with velcro, and don't forget the yolk which I stuffed so it stuck out like a preggo eggo.
Kyle BYO'd tights from Supre which left little to the imagination. Two sunny-side (thumbs) up!
Cost: Can't eggactly remember, but I think it was about $20ish.

Whose got the hots for what's in this box...
So this is me, I admit, this made me really hungry when making this one and it probably took the longest but it was ultra comfy on a cool, cool night.
If this sexy number doesn't bring all the (eagle) boys to the yard, I don't know what will!
Cost: About $40, but this look is clearly priceless.

And here's Not Kate.
This is my twin Sophie who is married to Marky the pasta. My boyfriend aptly named her Not Kate, cause, well, she's not me. But she's still as sweet as a donut, look how cute.
Totes made everyone Krispy Kreme their jeans. (argh, my puns are becoming smuttier as I go on... But we knew this would be the case).
Cost: About $15 and the option of looking skinny.

And lastly, this is Kara the box of popcorn which I think was shed about 10 minutes after arrival due to the inability to sit down, or basically do anything in this cumbersome box.
However it still looks rad. I can't take all the credit for this one because Kara and Sophie painted most of it, but it's still part of the Picnic Gang so yeah.
Cost: Free as we used an old moving box of mine, acylic paint which I already had and used left over fluff for the pieces of popcorn.

So there you have it folks, a tasty picnic who are ready to bring the party.

Om nom nom....

Oh, and we also won best themed costume as a collective, so in your face sluts!

xoxo Tricky

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