Wednesday, 1 June 2011

David Bowie shrink plastic fantastic

Ground control to major Tom... how cool will you look wearing this around your neck.

It's my David Bowie shrink plastic necklace!

Remember when you were a kid and you used to eat Smiths Chips and then put the empty packet in the oven and shrink it to make a mini little packet of Smiths Chips? Or your mum bought you Home Brand ones and you shrunk them and then they looked like shit, cause they were home brand?

Well here's something to bring back that nostalgic childhood past-time of playing recklessly and unsupervised with an oven!

What you will need:

Shrink plastic sheets (Or number 6 plastic container)
Black marker
Coloured markers
Hole punch
Baking paper
Sand paper
Leather thong string

Get the sheet of plastic ($15 for 6 sheets A4 at spotlight) and sand paper that bad boy till it's really rough otherwise the markers won't stick.
Once you've sanded it, draw whatever image you want on it and colour it in. Make sure you draw the image fairly big, about a quarter to a half an A4 peice of paper size as it will end up being just bigger than a 20 cent piece.

<--- Here's how mine looked before I shrank it.

You then put it on an oven tray over baking paper and bake it on about 150 degrees for about 5 minutes. Just keep an eye on it though and take it out once it is completely flat again.

I was really 'under pressure' when I put this in the oven because something I was warned about - but not really prepared for - the plastic will curl up and fold in on itself and will make you think 'Oh god, that 45 seconds I spent tracing this picture off a google image is wasted, I will never get that time back, I might as well stick my head in the oven and gas myself to end this world of pain I'm in'.
But fear not, because it's meant to do that and it eventually sorts it's shit out and flattens nicely to form a harder, thicker, and noticibly smaller peice of plastic which can be used for just about anything! - a necklace... some earrings... umm.... a....

I actually made my mum a mother's day card on shrink plastic so it turned into a small little keepsake I'm sure she's already lost somewhere... I would post that up here too but I wrote a hell lame poem on it, and that would only embarrass me. Plus I don't want people knowing I still write my mum poems... oh wait....

Conversation diversion....Here's before and after pics....

As you can see... *cue gasps of shock* the shrink plastic has shrunk! There must be some kind of sorcery afoot!

You can make just about any design on this stuff and it's really fun! I have more shrink plastic projects to show you later on. Yays!

Tricky xoxo

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