Monday, 18 July 2011

This jewellery 'looks' good!

Most girls like looking at jewellery, but what a lot of people don't know is jewellery really likes looking at you too...

Enter: Eyeball Ring Thing.....

It was my friend Lauren Confos's birthday over the weekend so I decided to make her something I thought she would like. I once saw her wear a dress with eyeballs on it, so, that was pretty much what I was going by. I mean, she HAS eyeballs, so surely she likes them...

And this was really fun to make, I also made matching hairclips to add to her collection of about 1000000 hairclips...

You will need:

Large teddy bear eyes
White paint
Red texta
Brown, blue, green, yellow paints (or whatever colour you want the iris to be)
Hacksaw, or steak knife you don't mind blunting the shit out of - I went for the latter cause I'm badass
Coloured textas
Black marker
Flesh coloured material
Super glue
Wine... to help with the.. sealing, of the.. glue...thing..........Fuck, I don't know.
First get the teddy bear eyes (about $4 a pack from Spotlight), about this size.... Have a drink of wine.

Then paint it white, like an eyeball. It will need a few coats, so I sat there with a hairdryer and dried each layer to speed up the process. It helps to sip your wine while you blow dry the eyeball.

Then get your main colour, ie green and paint an iris. Put lighter flecks through or use yellows or other colours to get a realistic looking iris. Once you are happy, spray it with hairspray to give it that realistic glazed look. Do this before applying texta for the detail or the texta will run. Use a red texta to draw on little red veins and the black marker for the pupil. Have a drink of wine then put a dash of white on the pupil to make it look like a reflection.  

Grab your hacksaw - aka steak knife - (probably shouldn't have had all that wine before....) and saw off the back `spike bit' of the eye. Pretty sure that's the technical term..... It helps if you have plyers handy too. Then cut out two strips of the flesh material and fold a crease to form 'eyelids' and glue them down. Try not to glue your fingers together like I did because your skin WILL peel off and it WILL hurt like a bitch. Once it's dry you can glue it on to a ring or clips as so:

You can even glue it to a bow! Wow, the possibilities! No... wait, that's pretty much it....

Don't they look pretty!

I made a few different coloured ones but here are the finished products...'s wine time!

I wore mine to the shops and totally got looks... so yeah.

xoxo Tricky

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